Dedicated products

That are designed for your application

Dedicated Products

SealTec can provide you with nearly any type of sealing product required for your application.

We offer all grades of standard rubber or encapsulated O-rings, For application at ultra high working temperatures or with very aggressive media, we supply perfluoro elastomers (FFKM) and encapsulated products (PTFE or PFA).

Lipseals are widely used in various industries. SealTec supply rotary lipseals and static spring energized lipseals  in various materials suitable for your application.

The SealTec pipe & flange gaskets are gaskets made from fiber, rubber, polymer, semi-metallic or metallic material, especially to fit between two sections of a pipe.

Compression packing also known as gland packing, stuffing box packing are braided packing made from various fiber materials to suit your application. Our compression packings are asbestos free.

SealTec is a main supplier of mechanical seals. We are key supplier of Vulcan mechanical seals and capable to advise you which seal for which application.

In order to accommodate expansion and vibration SealTec supply expansion joints sin metal and rubber. Furthermore wall penetration seals are also part of SealTec product portfolio.