Developers of creative and innovative Sealing Solutions

SealTec developers of creative and innovative Sealing solutions

Let us join your development team and make use of our extensive knowledge on seal design, materials and production methods!

If you can provide us with the environmental parameters, your requirements AND your STEP-files of situation in your application, we will supply you with a turn-key sample, ramp-up and serial production plan, including all required documentation.

we are SealTec:

A strong Dutch supplier of sealing technology products. With our team of experienced engineers we develop, produce and supply state of the art high tech seals, gaskets and precision O-Rings. Of course can we provide you with all Standard Seals. But the true benefit of doing business with us lies in the many years of experience and know-how. Combining our strength with your product development offers new opportunities for innovation and product improvements. Together we make the best seals and gaskets for your application!

Invite us in your development meeting and find out for yourself!

We offer
Benefit from our experience and know-how in the field of Sealing Technology. We offer you our co-engineering service in which we develop and design the suitable Seals and Gaskets based on your Application Drawings.
You find with us a wide and deep portfolio of Sealing Components ranging from cellular gaskets and extrusions to elastomeric, PTFE and metal Seals.
Additional services to the sealing components and their packaging are offered to maximise their performance in assembly and application.
To have our products perform according to your expectations, intensive quality inspections are made during production and in our laboratorium.

In the past 30 years, we have enjoyed to work with many customers and in many different market segments. We have designed gaskets, profiles, O-Rings and moulded parts. We have formulated new compounds and we invented new hybrid solutions. Today, it is our pleasure to share all this wealth with you. The combination of our market know-how, the know-how of your application and our knowledge of the various sealing concepts results in a strong partnership that is bound to solve many of the sealing challenges.

We thank you for your attention. If we can be of service or if you wish to confront us with an existing challenge in one of your applications, please feel free to send us your information, sketches and/or drawings using the email link or respond form below. We would be glad to evaluate your case and let you have our feedback.