Compression packing

Compression packing , also known as gland packing or stuffing box packing, is one of the oldest packing in the industry for use in rotary, hydraulic and static applications such as pumps, agitators and valves but also for use in marine applications as stern tube seals. Compression packing is a packing of braided yarn made from a variety of materials such as graphite, aramid, and PTFE, acrylic, natural (pan) fibre or a combination of mentioned materials. Many braided packings will also incorporate blocking agents and other coatings to minimize leakage, resistant against corrosion and provide cooling and lubrication during startup.

The SealTec range compression packings are asbestos free and made of five basic quality materials such as natural fibers, PTFE, flexible graphite, aramid and carbon fibers and/or a combination of the basic fibers.