Sanitary & Drinking Water applications

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Sanitary & Drinking Water applications

Water is one of the worlds precious gifts! Without water we could not live. And water gives us great pleasures and joy!

Our products and designs will help you control water and regulate it in the way that you intended. Whether it concerns ice cold water, salty water, sewage water, drinking water or steam, you will find with us the right material. And the shape is something we will define together.

The design base can be e.g. sheet material or an O-Ring, a profile or custom design in full rubber in or a combination of rubber-to-metal or to-plastic. Depending on the application and the requirements we will define the right approach!

Our materials cover many of the International standards and regulations e.g.

  • EN 681-1 types WA, WAL, WC, WG;
  • KTW hot and cold water (Germany);
  • DVGW – W270 (Germany);
  • ACS (France);
  • KIWA (Netherlands);
  • ÖVGW – TGM (Austria);
  • BELGAQUA (Belgium);
  • DM 174 (Italy);
  • FDA (According to FDA, CFR 177.2600);
  • NSF approval (hot & cold water);
  • WRAS approval (hot & cold water;

The range of applications is endless! EPDM O-Rings for piping systems, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for Showerheads, 2K TPE parts for shower drains, lip seals for sewage pipes and any other component we may design together!