Industrial applications

Each challenge its solution

Industrial applications

To define all markets where seals and gaskets may be found is too much of a job. And due to the flexibility of the product each day new applications are found!

Therefore, this page gives you an overview of some products that can bring solutions to challenging sealing problems:

Inflatable seals

Inflatable seals: a seal with a wide variety of applications e.g.:

  • as a seal for sliding doors, closing and opening rapidly
  • as a seal for vacuum chamber doors for paint shop, medical grade manufacturing facilities, semiconductor manufacturing facilities
  • as a seal for deep sea appliances where pressure differential is higher on inner and outer surfaces
  • as a dynamic stopper on continuous conveyor lines

Inflatable seals can be manufactured in most of the known elastomeric materials. In addition, the seals can have additional features e.g. according FDA, conductive or non-conductive, including reinforcing fabric inlays and in various colours.

Encapsulated seals

Encapsulated seals consist of a foam or elastomeric core and a PTFE, FEP or FPA encapsulation. Most know are the FEP/PFA encapsulated O-rings and square/rectangular core rings. For large diameter pressure covers SealTec also provides PTFE encapsulated sponge rubber rings in large diameters e.g. 389x19mm (manhole size NW 400).