Metal Detectable Components

Let X-Ray and Magnetism protect our health

Metal Detectable Components

The quality of our food chain is of elementary essence to our well-being. Regulations are getting stiffer to ensure higher quality levels of the food processes, thus, the safety and quality of our food. FDA has always been known as the global directive for products connected to the food industry. Recently, the European regulation EC 1935/2004 has been added.

Both regulations only qualify the material as “good” to be used in food processes. But what if particles of seals and gaskets are lost in your processes? Although not directly harming the health of your end-user, the products are being contaminated, resulting in loss of turnover, market share and image!

Our new range of technical plastics, seals and gaskets has been developed to ensure that “lost” particles and contaminated products are retrieved before they get to your customer. Enriched with metal chippings, the particles have become visible after abrasion or gravity unlocked them from their intended positions.

SealTec offer a wide portfolio of products that can be installed in your production process; all in blue, and ranging from plastic wipers and V-seals to extruded rubber profiles, sheets and rubber moulded parts, O-Rings, silicon foam, these products are detectable in your processes.

Our standard range is increasing daily and consists of O-Rings, die-cutted flange seals, profiles and also milk couplings seals according DIN 11851 and DIN 11864 and Tri-clamp seals according DIN 32676. And where our assortment does not match your needs our engineers will develop a customized component that perfectly suits your requirements. The SealTec seals can be produced in a large range of elastomer types e.g. NBR 70, EPDM 70, silicon MVQ 70 and Viton FKM 70. This way you can choose the material that best suits your application!

Together with your engineers we can improve your equipment and improve the level of safety of our food.