Measures COVID-19

Measures COVID-19 by SealTec

The COVID-19 virus is spreading and Sealtec has taken measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus and to protect our employees, customers and suppliers as much as possible. We follow the advice and guidelines issued by the Dutch government and RIVM to ensure that any damage caused by the virus is kept to a minimum. Sealtec tries to maintain deliveries as much as possible and has taken the following measures:

  • We do not make customer visits until further notice. This also applies to visits to other external parties.
  • The employees of Sales and the Back-Office almost all work from home with minimal staffing at the Almere office. The landlines have been redirected to mobile numbers and you may be asked to call back.
  • The employees of Inspection, Production and the Warehouse work with shifted working hours and measures to minimize the risk of contamination.
  • We do not receive external visitors and have strict rules for the carriers of the goods.

We are an organisation that is highly dependent on what happens in other parts of the value chain. Please contact us directly in case of developments that endanger (timely) deliveries to and from Sealtec.

All employees are fully focused on securing the supply chain for our customers and our producers. As long as we do not contact you, you can count on the goods being delivered according to our (order) confirmation.

If new measures come into force, we will inform you by e-mail and via the website as soon as possible. We will, of course, inform our customers immediately of any developments that endanger the delivery to them. Conversely, we expect the same from you.

Our strength is flexibility and ingenuity, but given the speed and unexpected direction changes that can occur, the consequences are not always predictable. Unpredictability does not fit in with our policy, but we cannot rule out being forced to do so. As a result, due to circumstances, we may disappoint you because we have to temporarily delay planned deliveries.

Despite all the measures taken, the coronavirus epidemic remains a Force Majeure. Further impact on our operational activities and their duration are difficult to foresee. We have also been confronted with Force Majeure and cannot be held responsible for late and/or failed deliveries or increased costs due to the coronavirus situation.

Together we try to disrupt the day-to-day operations as little as possible.

Should you have any questions, please do so preferably by e-mail, we will answer your e-mails as soon as possible.

Of course you can call us for urgent matters on +31 72 7600051

We thank you for your understanding in this exceptional situation.