graphite seals

Graphite gaskets

The SealTec graphite gaskets are made from homogeneous graphite, reinforced by metal mesh, foil or tanged metal. Our graphite offer excellent sealing capabilities such as thermal stability, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, not being brittle or aging. They are with long life and less maintenance is required under extreme conditions.

The rimmed metal gaskets are improved from pure cut gaskets. The metal rims at inner and outer edges offer a special protection against blowout and chemical corrosion for the gaskets, and increase the pressure resistance capability.


Widely used in petrochemical, mining, vessels, boilers, piping and ducts, pumps and valves, flanges etc. Suitable for steam, mineral oil, heat transfer oil, hydraulic oil, fuel, water, seawater, freshwater, and so on.


According to standards of ASME B16.21, EN1514-1, etc. Special sizes and shapes are also available upon request.